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This is what I do with negative energy. Enjoy :)

this one should've been with the other ones I posted a day or two ago...oops


This is my first time making RPG icons so tell me what you think!

Please remember to comment if you're taking any. Hell, comment even if you're not taking any.
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Your icons are awesome! You wouldn't mind if I snagged that Draco one and used it here: , would you?
Nope, go right ahead :) All I ask is that you credit me.
Will do ^__^
I like them all! Especially the Lily ^_^
Yay! I like the Narcissa one, but never saw Nicole Kidman as her, interesting...

Good job anyway :)
Originally I used Nicole Kidman as Lily Potter...but decided against it. The girl I used for Lily is the redhead from Two Weeks Notice.

*shrugs* It just felt more right that way. :)
Yeah, that girl is very pretty I think! :)
I kind of wish I could remember what her name is....*shrugs* oh well.
Her name is Alicia Witt thanks to my superior knowledge and supplying all the right information *lol*
I took your harry/Cho icon. I was wondering if you had anymore?
I did read your last comment:) I was on my way to class when I read it.

You're free to take any of my icons as long as I'm credited. The Harry/Cho one that I posted was a request. Point me in the direction of any particular photos you fancy, and I'll be more than happy to make you an icon:)
hey I was wondering if you knew how to change the eye colors in icons?
I probably could...since school's winding down for me I could toy around with it. Any particular icon/picture?
is there any chance of a picture of a girl, just, dark hair, dark dark dark.. looking at say, a camera, then the next frame she is screaming, twisted, twitching, and the camera is too, then back to normal, and she smiles? i know it seems kinda twisted, but it reminds me of, well, me... i dont have any pictures cuz my computer hates me... thanks in advance!!
I'm taking the Lily icon. Will credit!
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